How to TIE a Spinnerbait! Spinnerbait Tip! One of the Best Lures for Catching Fish

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what's up everybody Derek here and today

we're gonna be tying fishing line onto a

spinnerbait and we're gonna be tying one

of the easiest knots it was actually one

of the first knots that I ever learned

to tie on to a lure so I used to tie it

on the crank baits and topwaters and my

plastics and just about everything that

I used to throw out in the water I would

tie this knot and it's called the clinch

knot it's a really simple knot and then

after we tie this knot we're gonna go

over a couple rigging techniques and

tips but what you basically want to do

is take your fishing line and hold the

spinner bait you want to use your index

finger to your advantage so basically

just take it around the the wire and put

your index finger right in there so

you're just kind of holding it in there

and bring about eight inches of line out