Tying Beef Tenderloin⎢Martha Stewart's Cooking School

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so now the fat has been removed from our

beautiful tenderloin of beef we want to

remove this long chain this can be

cooked up as little minute steaks it can

be ground for just a wonderful hamburger

but this is attached way up to about

here on the tenderloin just trim it off

what we're trying to do is make as even

a tenderloin as possible

now this little tail can be tied right

here once tied it's all going to look

pretty much uniform and tying is a

little bit of a process take your string

this is cotton twine butchers string and

tie a knot right here be firm and then

you take it over your hand like this and

over the meat and separate it all about

every inch or so you see what I'm doing

is fun to do this pull it taut li see

and then do that again butchers do this

so quickly one two three and the whole