LDS Beaver Scout UK - Beavers how to fold your scarf

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so welcome to this short video on how to

roll your neck a chief I just gave you a

quick introduction to all of our our

negatives and why we want them so never

choose our first introduced into

scouting at the very very start as part

of our uniform they how is happening and

their shape is a triangle when unrolled

this and the reason for this is that it

lots of things with triangles that you

might need to be able to use as a

bandage or a sling so it's very

something that we wear ourselves in

person but we can take it off and

multiple other users save your colors

and you might use a round in district

fans that the NACA chief lots of people

at different colored neckerchiefs and

that's to associate which group or

colony or with so some NACA cheese

0:01 color like this way this one's all