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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

on my last video somebody requested that

I film a tutorial on the adjustable loop

as you can see here just lets you loosen

or tighten your bracelet so it's easier

to take on it off so here I just have a

basic chevron pattern and if you want to

know how to make this I filmed a video

so you can just click the I but anyway

you're just gonna want to make sure that

this little loop at the top is pretty

small the smaller the better you just

want to be able to fit your string

through it also the ends of your string

should be pretty even so you're just

gonna open up this little loop at the

top and then take the other end of your

bracelet and you're going to just try

and pull that through the loop now this

can get a bit difficult but I just stay

persistent and one trick that I learned