For The Dumb People: S1E4 - House Coat knot-tying tip (EASY)

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full of dumb people season 1 episode 4 I

don't know why I keep doing that it's

not like I'm fat duh forget it right you

guys guessed it I still doing the

finger-pointing thing this one is a

simple one it's more of a tip than a

with a dumb people the first thing you

need to do of course be read the title

I'm going to teach you a tip on time

bathrobe or a housecoat or something of

this fashion that I'm wearing currently

so what you do is you put it on you do

the 1 the 2 the 1 2 method depending how

you do it if you can go like that or

like the right side goes inverse then

the left side then what you do is you

take your elbow or forearm and just kind

of hold it there hold it tight and then

there's a tricky part here's the tip you

see how both of these are not the same

way this one's really long about four