How to tie your bikini top

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hi I'm Jennifer with kini Kai swimwear

and today we're going to show you five

different ways to tie your triangle top

the great thing about the basic triangle

string bikini is it never goes out of

style also you can get a lot of

different looks out of one bikini this

is the basic way to tie your string

bikini is the regular triangle top with

a tie at the neck and the tie at the

base of the back now if you're like me

and suffer from migraines you need to

pull the pressure away from your neck so

we've come up with a few different ways

to tie your top one really cute way that

you'll actually see featured on some of

our product shots online is the twist

you might need someone to help

accomplish this look but you're going to

take the two top strings twist it as

many times as you like and then tie it