How To Tie A Non-Slip Loop Knot (Quick, Easy, & Strong Fishing Knot)

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in this video you're gonna see exactly

how to tie the loop not that I believe

every angler who uses artificial lures

needs to know and at the end I'll

explain to you exactly why this knot has

proven to be better than the other loop

knots so first of all let's go ahead and

just tie it this is called the non-slip

loop knot the first step is really just

to not even focus on the lure but just

put a simple overhand loop in the line

and over in loop is just you know it's

basically just creating the most basic

of all loops on the line and to make it

as easy as possible I recommend having

about maybe four inches or so of tagging

going off here to the left so now at

this point we can go ahead and grab our

lure and thread the the line through the

eye and I just like to let blue or just

rest right up there against the knot as