FLY TYING FRIDAY! two easy and effective bass flies!

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what's up guys welcome back to fly tying

Friday today we are tying three very

maybe three probably to two very simple

bass streamers to get you started for

this spring very very simple us one of

them is a is actually andreia

sanderson's c CF bait fish which stands

for craft for basically craft for a

couple eyes and you're good to go and

maybe a little bit of crystal flash if

you want it and then I'll be tying one

also in the Thai language can't I just

your standard zonker cuz these flies are

both really fast and they're kind of

meant to be flies that you can crank out

really really quick and be done with and

not have to think twice about but that

will catch a ton of fish for you so

let's get started okay first off we're

gonna tie this craft for a bait fish