Fishing Knots: Uni Knot - One of the BEST Fishing Knots for every Fisherman to know!!!

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hello everybody welcome back to fish

that won't quit today I'm going to show

you how to tie the uni knot it's a stay


alright so the uni knot is a fantastic

not to learn it's great for braided

fishing line as well as monofilament or

fluorocarbon so with your tag in you're

gonna place this through the eye of the

hook and then give yourselves a good

amount of tag into here to work with I

like to do about eight to ten inches or

so and then with your mainline go ahead

just run that to the right now I like to

just pinch these two lines close to each

other just like so you're gonna be

making a loop with this tag end what

you'll do is just run a loop down low

and lay it right above the two lines

that you're pinching and then go ahead

and pinch that like so I like to make