How to Tie a Perfect Simple Knot

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the simple not like its name implies has

the fewest possible steps it's easy to

learn and is the perfect not for thick

neckties or for tall guys who need a

little extra length start with the

backside of the type facing outward the

white end on the right and the narrow

end on the left the tip of the narrow

end should rest near your belly button

but it's not the same for every man

begin by crossing the wide end under the

narrow end to the left and across the

front of the tie to the right now bring

it up to the neck loop and down through

the loop on the front tighten by pulling

down on the white end hold the narrow

end and slide the knot up to your neck

slip the narrow end into the keeper loop

to keep it in place the tip of your tie

should fall between the top and bottom

of your belt if it's too short or too