How to Wear Bandanas in Your Hair

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hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm here to do a very requested

video this is how I wear my bandanas I

wear a bandana and my hair a lot and

it's great for girls that have curly

hair and it's great for those that just

want to have a little something

different in their hair do something a

little different it's great to protect

styles of your hair it has a multitude

of purposes I use it mainly for working

out I usually just have one on my hair

and that way it kind of catches all the

sweat and then I can of course throw it

in the washing machine and wash it I

wear mine almost on a daily basis I have

a ton of bandanas

I love them I love them in all colors

sizes I get a lot of mine from 5 and

below I also get them from Michael's

which is like a craft store you'd be