Back Pocket Flag (Jesse La Flair)

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so you will receive a nice envelope with

a branded Tempest Freerunning symbol I

personally took a branding iron put that

in there so if we open that baby up you

will find your beautiful there's a flat

rock wall bend down so you want to hang

this man down and out of the backside of

your pants with some cool graphics

showing this is how it's done starting

like all three of these parkour bend

down on the Flair parkour bend down and

tutorials I want you to open it up have

a positive side facing down and the

negative side facing up so with the

corner with the tag on it we're gonna

slide this one up exposing no this can

you can kind of do this however you want

the longer the the shorter you pull the

corner up the more length you're going

to have out of your bend down so the

more you can actually really tuck in