Pin-Up Hair Do - Rosie the Riveter Bandana | Kandee Johnson

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hi guys I've been getting a bunch

requests for how to do the pinup kinda

Rosie the Riveter ish rockabilly pen

hair I did in one of my videos you can


I love Gerardo furs are awesome of her

pinup looks but what you're going to

need is you're going to need some man

spray some bobby pins possibly a curling

iron and a round brush fatiguing so get

all of that ready and we're ready to do

some hair should I get this poofy look

of an you tie the bandana around um you

could watch I love Gerardo I love her

videos she does awesome pin-up videos

but what we're going to do is we're

going to get all this forward if your

hair is super straight you can take a

curling iron a big barreled one like

this this is um this is not the fancy

kind you need but I will show you what