How to tie a bandana for bikers and hikers

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when I'm hiking in the woods are

backpacking I often wear a bandana and

at the request of one of my sisters she

asked me to show her how to to fold a

bandana the way I wear it and you can

find this on YouTube but I'll just show

you how I do it and it is also an easy

way to keep the sweat out of your eyes

and to have a place to put your

sunglasses that they'll stay put and

this also does not come off when you're

riding your motorcycle and so I just

show you how I do it but you go ahead

and fold a bandana and I have four or

five different colors of bandanas and so

fold it so that you have a triangle and

put it on your face now I can't see what

I'm doing in the video but I'll just go

ahead and and tie this the way I would

normally do it used to tie it in the

mirror don't need to tighten the mirror