50s Inspired Vintage Pinup Updo w/ Bandana - All Things Hair

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hey guys I can be showing you how to get

this advantage up to I find it's a lot

easier to do than it looks

um so if you guys want to find out how I

did and just keep on watching my hair is

a disaster right now so let's get

started I'm first going to section off

this front part of my hair so if you

have bangs or front layers that's like

the part that you want to section off

and then I'm grabbing the rest of my

hair and clean up in a super high

ponytail so that's how high I'm putting

my ponytail and then going to style this

front part I am going to be using heat

on my hair so I'm going to use my choice

of a platinum strength heat protects

spray I'm going to curl the ends of this


and then I'm taking my mega hold

hairspray from Alberto European and I'm