How to Rig a Ballyhoo for Offshore Fishing

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hey guys my name is Matt and I'm

co-owner of the tackle room stay tuned

for another great how-to video today I'm

gonna show you how to rig a ballyhoo

this is a medium ballyhoo by sinister as

the bait company mediums are probably

the most common size we use smaller

mediums the first thing you want to do

with the ballyhoo is poke his eyes out

anything will work that you have that's

about the diameter the eye a lot of

people use arrow shafts or a stainless

shaft or something like that will work

this is actually just a deboning tool

that I'm going to use just to get the

eyeballs out you want to go right to his

eyes and just push we do this so while

you're dragging the ballyhoo none of the

eyes start to pop out that'll cause the

ballyhoo to spin or sometimes lay on the

side so we want to eliminate the eyes