Balloon Shade - How to Hang

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hi everyone I'm Jean and I'm with swags

galore calm in today's instructional

video I'll be showing you how easy it is

to install the Jessica 63 inch balloon

shade the Jessica balloon shade is

manufactured by Al Ellis and is a Dacron

sheer fabric made of 100% polyester

start by ironing my balloon shade and

laying it on the table so I can install

the clip rings that will give the shade

the balloon look there are four rows of

rings top to bottom sewed into the back

of the balloon shade and there are four

clip rings that I will use to lift the

shade to the desired position when

attaching the clip rings always start

from the bottom of the shade and work

your way up it's in it's important to

remember that one more reminder I will

be attaching the clip rings to all the

rings on the shade due to the size of my