How to tie a balloon - step by step instructions

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hello and welcome to balloon art online I'm balloon artist Barak Dagan

and today we're going to learn how to tie a round balloon

very useful!

so let's see how can we tie a balloon easily

so the first thing you need to do

is to inflate a balloon

I do recommend you to use a pump

and don't blow those balloons with your mouth

it's easier to use a pump and it's safer

now, in order to tie the balloon

I'm gonna grab the nozzle of the balloon with my two fingers and thumb

just like this

you don't need to use those two fingers

only those two, okay?

now I'm gonna grab the nozzle of the balloon in this part

in the part that is closer to the inflated part of the balloon

and not here, okay?

grab the nozzle just here

stretch the nozzle

pull it just like that

between the balloon and your hand