The Beginner's Guide to Making a Dog Balloon Animal

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hello I'm Wayne and in this lesson I

teach you how to make a balloon animal

dog now there's lots of places where you

can learn to make a balloon animal dog

but what I've tried to do differently

here is to try and show you all the

little nuances and all the little tips

that will help you to be successful in

most of these lessons people just whip

right through and say here's a dog and

I'm trying to do this step by step so if

you're just starting out it'll help you

to succeed good luck

inflate the balloon with about an inch

of uninflated and make your first basic

balloon twist between two and three

inches remember to hold the basic twist

before you move on hold it right there

make a second balloon twist about an

inch in length this will start the ear

and you can make this make a second one