The Washington School of Ballet Hair Bun Technique for Short Hair

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hi I'm Donna glover school manager at

the Washington School of Ballet and

Washington School of Ballet we like our

students to look nice the neat part of

that is having a nice neat bun so I'm

here today to help you do the perfect

button way we do it at the Washington

School of Ballet

we have Carmen joining us today her

hair's a little bit more of a challenge

it's shorter so you know the question is

with Payton we had the long lovely hair

that was a little bit easier you got the

basic idea Carmen's gonna be a little

more of a challenge Carmen's brought

some nice products today she's got Scott

if you could look at this a little bit

she's got a nice hair tie she's got a

love these clips because they really

work to hold the hair up she's got

strong hair pins and she's got some good