Perfecting a Perfect Ballerina Bun | Brown Haired Bliss

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hi this is angie from brown-haired bliss

and today's style i'm going to show you

how to make a perfect ballerina bun this

style is perfect for dancing and it's

also just great for everyday so let's

get started I always do this style on

damp hair her hair was already wet so if

it's not I would recommend spraying it

down then just grab the hair and pull it

to the top of the head we're going to

make this at the crown of the head so

kind of at the top and just go around

and take your time and get rid of all of

those bumps you want to make it as

smooth as possible and like I said

please just take your time you'll be

happy that you did

now take a pretty sturdy elastic and

just secure that ponytail in place now

once we've created a ponytail we're

gonna use a bun maker or a little hair