How To Tie A Bow Tie | MR PORTER

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how to tie a bowtie place the bow tie

around your neck like so we're showing

you a mirror view here pass the longer

end over the shorter end and pull it

through at the column with the longer

end held aside take the shorter end and

fold it at its widest point then hold it

to your top button to make a bow tie

shape now you can bring the longer end

down over the top pinch both sides of

the bow shape together across the center

once you've done that you should be able

to feel a loop just in front of your

collar button taking the hanging end at

its widest point fold it over and push

it through this loop pull the folded end

through to the other side until it forms

a trine now you've more or less done it

but you'll need to adjust the end so

your bow tie is perfectly to your liking

tighten by pulling on both folded ends