Detailed Tutorial On How To Tie A Monkey's Fist Knot

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let's have a go at tying a monkey's fist

let's tie this knot first of all I want

to put a stopper knot on the end of my

rope and I'll do that just by tying and

overhand knot just pulling it tight and

work it as close to the end of the rope

as you can and then we just want to lay

that across our palm with they're not

facing down here and we're going to take

three and a half wraps around our palm

three and then a half one two three and

this is our half wrap I've just tuck

that between my index finger and my

middle finger and if I rotate it to the

knuckle side I want to tuck this down

through those loops and just pull it all

the way through now I want to start

wrapping in the opposite direction so

that's going to come back through my

index finger in my middle finger so it

should look like that and I'm gonna