How to Tie a Bakery Box with Twine | Nashville Wraps

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this is a great way to tie up a bakery

box using bakery twine it's sturdy and

it'll hold together but it's also very

easy to untie when you have a delicious

cupcake inside for example you don't

want to spend a lot of time and tying

the box so it just pulls off right

easily start with your twine in front of

you the box in the middle of it take the

cut side and pull it across the front

then take the spool side and just kind

of drape it across that corner then hold

the cut side toward you like that you're

going to create a little loop just like


pull the tail toward you and then this

little loop that you see you're going to

take the tail and bring it through that

loop and then tighten it so ends up

looking like that

I'm just going to pull it real tight