Best way to tie a groceries bag

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okay people this is the topic of the day

learning how to tie a grocery bag a

plastic grocery bag Walmart winn-dixie

whoever you know how when you go out

there and you get your groceries and

people bag it up they put it in the cart

just like that you get out there and you

put it in your car just like that and

the truck you go riding around and all

of a sudden boom there goes all your

stuff your apples with one off so what

you need to do is learn how to tie the

bag properly without tightly not in the

bag you take the bag you take this hand

through here and this hand through there

and you pull the bag like that you do it

one more time and that's it you can

carry the bag put it in your trunk and

falls over not gonna fall out the bag

there's no not here you get home you

just pull it apart that simple one hand