How To Tie Up A Sack- How To Tie The Bag knot

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hi guys today's not is the bag not as

the names yes it's good for tying around

the top of a bag or a sack it's a snug

hitch so you can tie this around a pole

and it makes a pretty good hitching not

to tie this one take your cord over the

bag around the back and our first turn

is going to come out to the bottom side

of this initial strand it will take it

around the front and cross it over take

it around the back again and this one is

going to come out to the top side of

this initial strand and we will cross

over again

then we can just lift up this bottom

strand here a little bit and fold our

working end over and tuck that through

just so we have a draw loop and then we

can grab both ends and tighten it

tightens down quite nicely and of course

because we have our draw loop it's nice