How to Make a BACKLESS BRA !!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I got

some requests to do a DIY video on how I

made the backless bra in my previous

video so I just wanted to show you guys

it's pretty simple you do need to know

how to sew but not really need to know

how to sew but you need to be careful

since you'll be using a needle so

without further ado let's get started

for this tutorial you will need a bra

I'm using a black bra that I don't

really wear anymore a a pair of scissors

and thumbtacks not thumbtacks of sewing

pins I think that's what they're called

and a needle and a thread first you're

just gonna lay out your bra and then

you're gonna grab your straps and make

sure you get a bra strap that's long

enough and it's also adjustable because

you're gonna want it to make sure you

can wrap it around underneath your arms