Babywearing Wrap Tutorial- How to Wrap a Newborn in a Moby Wrap

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hey everyone its Lisa from the blog

farmhouse on boom comm where I like to

share food from scratch natural living

in the handmade home and today I want to

show you something that a lot of you

have requested and that is how to wrap a

baby in a baby rabbit


so ever since I had my fifth child I

have been doing almost all of my videos

with a baby in this baby rap and that is

because it is the only place that he is

content I don't think I've ever met a

newborn that doesn't want to be held all

the time this is the sali baby rap it is

something that I actually just got for

this baby

my last two kids I had a Moby Wrap and

they're both essentially a long piece of

fabric that's really all they are there

are some key differences between the two