How to tie a children's necktie

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how to tie your necktie first put the

next strap around your hand keeping sure

that the plastic clip is on your thumb

and that the single layer is between

your thumb and your pinky next you'll

need to get your tie take the skinny end

and put it behind the neck band this

will determine how long you want your

tie to be for a shorter tie make sure

that the part behind is longer and for a

longer time keep it shorter normally

about five inches is enough to keep

behind there alright next we'll need to

take the longest part of the tie and

bring it up behind the neck band

something like that then you're going to

bring it across the skinny part of your

tie it will look something like that

next you're going to wrap it around the

front of the tie and then bring it over

it'll extend like that and then bring