How to Use African Baby wrap - Watch with Subtitles!

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Baby does not need to be able to support him or herself! This baby has been wrapped like this since before 7 weeks. For a new new newborn go with the front wearing style.

Put baby on your hip - take your time!

Gently slide baby to your back

Bend over and position him or her in a good spot - aim for the middle (The mirror is your friend here)

You want the wrap to go over his or her shoulders. The younger the baby the higher you wrap (for support)

Tighten by wrapping as if you were putting on a towel after a shower.

Tuck it in nice and tight!

Now you want to support the baby's bottom by making a little "seat" by wrapping the fabric upward.

Notice how the feet are in that froggy position that is best for hip development.

Tuck the bottom part of the wrap in nice and tight.

And the same for the top part. Just tuck it in.

Now you're done! I normally make it look more aesthetically pleasing by looking in the mirror or adjusting it, but this video is to show you can do it on your own anywhere.

Tighten as needed.

Notice baby is fussy until she's in there.

Yay she's going to sleep and I can finally check my Facebook!

You can jump around and baby won't fall out. You can feel when you put it on that it's super light but secure. If you do it wrong somehow ?!?!?!?! your baby will tell you as she won't feel secure and will cry.