Super easy knit newborn baby bonnet, cap or hat with icord strings - Beginners- Knitting for Baby #7

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hi everyone welcome to my channel

knitting for baby thank you for watching

and thank you for subscribing in today's

tutorial I'm going to show you how to

make this super easy baby bonnet for a

baby between 6 and 9 months old it's

very easy to make you can also make it

smaller for a baby between 0 & 3 months

and bigger for a baby between 12 and 18

months down here in the information box

I'm going to leave you information on

how you can make it smaller or bigger

okay so I hope you like it and without

further say let's get started and thank

you for watching okay to begin I'll be

using these four millimeter nading

needles and today I'm using this light

number 3 cotton yarn I'm going to make

this baby bonnet using a lion brand

comfy cotton yarn it's a light number 3

yarn I'll leave a link down here in the