How to wear your headscarf “babushka style”. Easy tutorial for stylish look.

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hi guys in today's video I want to show

you how to wear your headscarf

famous babushka style after this video

you will be able to wear your scarf like

movie star from the old movie let's get

started we need a classic head scarf 35

by 35 inches and first we need to create

some volume on the top it can be French

all if you have a long hair or I just

use this kind of pads we need to fix it

well and next we make a triangle and

form a band on the long side of our head

scarf it will help us to keep the scarf

on place then we will dance toward the

face and form a knot just like this


a wallah

you can wear it like this but I like to

lose it a little bit

and the last touch a pair of sunglasses

for sure