How to Tie a Tie | Windsor (aka Full Windsor or Double Windsor) | For Beginners

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hi there I'm going to show you one of

the most popular ways to tie your tie

using the Windsor knot also known as

some double Windsor or a full Windsor

start with your color up in the tire our

Jenek if you're right-handed hold the

wide end in your right hand and the

narrow end in your left hand now it's

important to remember that the longer

you make the wide end the lower the time

will hang when you're finished basically

you want to line up your tie like this

if you remember this tool save yourself

a lot of time later on now cross each

end over wide end over the top and leave

about this much on the narrow end that's

about 4 inches or 10 centimeters with

your left hand take the wide end thread

it through the back of this opening from

behind thread it all the way through