How to Attach ( Haft ) an Arrowhead to a Shaft

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I guess John Cullen scents outdoors just

did the video video mapping and

Arrowhead out of a glass-bottom glass

bottle bottom I did put about 10 minutes

more worth of work into it turned out a

little better still not perfect but what

I want to do right now is show you how

to have this to air shaft or if it was

bigger actually made it a little smaller

if it was bigger onto a branch for a

spear type set up the hafting would be

the same either way so let me get behind

the camera and show you what I got

thinking you might be able to see

against this dirt okay so what I've done

and this is an a narrow shaft it's just

a branch I took off a tougher tree here

so you know not not a great would be

doing it out of any way but for

demonstration purposes I have carved a

notch out of it that will accept the