AMS Bowfishing: Tying line to the safety slide specifics

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you know with a kickoff for the 2015

season we're getting a lot of emails and

phone messages about people asking how

you tie the line to the AMS safety slide

so today I'm going to show you a couple

knots that I use when I'm tying these to

the slides so the first one I use when

I'm using a 200-pound Dacron line so

here you can see we've got our slide on

the one side we've got a groove on there

on the other side is flat so I'm going

to come up one leg and I'm going to

bring that line up and then back down

through on the other side you can see

how that line fits nice and snug in that

little groove right there so what I'm

going to do now is I'm going to pull

about six seven inches of line out so

I've got a double line there I'm going

to walk that all the way up to the point

and I'm going to make a loop right