How to Tie Alpine Butterfly Loop | Most Versatile Knot

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the Alpine butterfly loop is a midline

loop that can bear load on any strand or

any direction on the loop with roots and

mountain climbing it's used in many

applications such as tying in your

harness creating a pull handle to heave

rope or line which is especially

important because we never want to wrap

the rope around her hand it can also be

used to haul tools to an elevated job

site and in some instances it can also

be used isolate damaged or frayed

sections of rope without having to cut

it or splice it since this is a midline

loop we're gonna start out on a bite

we're gonna take the bite with our left

hand and we're gonna rotate it two times

to make a 360 turn you'll notice that it

creates two loops one on the right hand

and wanted left hand we'll take the