Easy Fishing Knots - How to tie an Albright Knot

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hi welcome to rstack world today I'm

going to show you how to do an Albright

knot connecting your braid to your

fluorocarbon leader take your leader

make a loop in the leader

now take your braided line passing it

through the eye of the loop giving

yourself at least the 15 to 20

centimeter tag in pick up your tag end

bring it towards your body and make four

loops over this 80-pound leader up

towards your fingers that's the fourth


keeping in mind we're using 80-pound

line here so if you're using a lighter

leader let's say 20 pound you might want

to do six or seven loops now you've gone

up the line now we need to go back down

doing the same loops passing over the

original loops you did up the line three

four making sure when you finish your