Sliding Knots Made Easy! Step by Step Tutorial

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hi everyone its Kelly from Kelly's B

boutique so I had a request from a

viewer she would like me to show you how

to make a sliding barrel knot it's kind

of my thing this one is a really great

way to finish off a necklace it doesn't

have any hardware it's just a simple

knot come and join me and I'll show you

how to make them okay so all I really

have today is about a meter of two

millimeter leather hair you can use any

size of leather you want any length but

I do find a meter gives me the right

length and you can use any size so you

can use one millimeter 1.5 two

millimeter whatever floats your boat I'm

also gonna make this a little bit easier

by using a ruler so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna measure out about I don't know

four or four and a half inches like that

I'm just gonna move that out of the way