Hermes scarves. How to tie tutorial.

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now there's two basic starting points

and how I tie most of my scarves in this

video place the scarf on a flat surface

with the wrong side up and fold on each

side it really gives an illusion of a

slim scarf and it will easily glam up an

outfit from day to night

the second starting point of taina scarf

is really easy you just take a square

scarf and grab it at opposite ends and

lifted upwards so throughout the video I

will reference these basic folds in a

few of my scarves so the simple style

shows off the color or pattern of your

scarf so all you do is drape a long

scarf around the back of your neck so

that the ends hang evenly then you tie

the ends of the scarf together at a

comfortable distance from you the neck

tie the ends together again in the same

direction to finish this will easily