How to Tie a Figure Eight Knot

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How To Tie a Figure Eight Knot. How many hours have you spent trying to fish a lost drawstring

out of a waistband or hood? Master this Figure Eight stopper knot and you'll never have that

problem again. You will need and a single length of rope. Step 1. Cross the end of the

rope over the top of the remaining rope, making a "Q" shape. Step 2. Pinch the top of the

loop and twist it around once, away from the tail of your "Q." Step 3. Pull the end of

the rope, or the tail of the "Q," up through the upper loop from behind. Step 4. Pull the

rope at both ends to tighten, forming a figure eight. Did you know The Figure Eight is the

basis for several more complicated rock climbing knots, like the Figure Eight Bend and the

Retraced Figure Eight.