12 Ways To Tie A Scarf

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hello everybody I'm coming to you today

and I'm going to be showing you a few

ways to tie a scarf

now I love scarves if you've watched me

at all on my blog it is not oh then you

know I accessorize with scars year-round

it does not have to be one a time I do

it spring summer winter fall and today

I'm going to be bringing you just a

rectangle scarf so it is long and it is

not as wide so it's not like a square

scarf so it is rectangle and I'm just

gonna show you some really simple very

easy ways to tie scarf so I mean just

for the basics so we can just start with

basics basically you can do this that's

it done this was easy or if you really

want to be fancy then you actually just

like tie it okay done so that's high or

you can even tie low just let it hang

loose and let it bring bring your eye