Diamond Sennit Knot How to Tie the 6 Strand Diamond Sennit Knot - (Similar to Matthew Walker Knot)

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the diamond Senate not hello everybody

welcome back and today's little

decorative knot is the diamond Senate

knot and basically to me it looks very

much like a Matthew walk or not as you

can see it's got the spirals coming

round here but then it's finished off

with like a crown on the top and it

makes a really nice decorative knot if I

compare that here with Seyfried so

here's a sailor's Westgard made a while

ago still needs finishing off being see

here's the Matthew Walker knot and it's

just a pure spiral here and then just

ends in the Rope work itself at that

point but on this one here we have the

spiral but we then have like crowning

round it now just to go a bit further on

this for those of you that are

interested this is on page 135 not

number seven five seven of the ashley