How to Tie a Perfect 6-loop Bow

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the key to making a perfect bow is to

use wire edged ribbon wire edged ribbon

allows you to bend the ribbon into any

shape that you want and it will stay in

any position that you put it in to begin

making a ribbon measure out a length

three inches longer than you'll want the

tails to be then where you measured

you're just going to flip the ribbon

give a little twist so that the wrong

side of the ribbon is now facing up and

then you'll just take that and curve it

right around straightening out any folds

then you'll just twist it again so at

this point we have all the right side of

the ribbon facing upward now this will

be the middle loop of your ribbon this

will be the smallest ribbon on the bow

so what you're going to do to make the

other loops so just bend it right

underneath the middle ribbon that you