How to Become Old Hollywood Diva In 3 minutes l Vintage Head Scarf Tutorial

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held years it's still affirm with a new

video and today we will have a little

glamorous moment from old Hollywood we

will create a Luke that was iconic from

most of actresses from all Hollywood

it's the Luke with scarf and sunglasses

this Luke was learned by many actresses

like after Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe Brigitte Bardot Grace

Kelly Lana Turner and others iconic and

gorgeous actresses so it's very easy to

do and it's very helpful in windy

weather when you want to look glamorous

but you have bad hair day too when you

want to protect your hairstyle from bad

weather winter day or you want or you go

for some activities like okay if you

don't have cable yet it's not a problem

if you ever go in to ride bicycle or at

the river too

have fun on the board you need to this