How to tie a (UK) Grinner knot or Uni knot

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hi I'm miles from Karp school and I'm

going to show you how to tie the grin or

not in the rest of the world they call

it the universal knot or uni knot

because you can use it for a really wide

range of uses tying lots of different

materials from super thin braid all the

way up to really thick mono so I'm going

to show you here with a piece of thin

braid sort of 20 pound the kind of thing

we would use for a hook link great knot

for tying swivels on for your hook links

and so on alright if we use in braid you

can add a bit of extra strength to this

knot by actually going through the

either swivel twice with mono I wouldn't

recommend that it tends to kink the kink

them on up a little too much there we

are so we're going through twice when

you're learning these knots it's well

worth giving yourself lots of tagging to