How to Tie a 4Ocean Bracelet!

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hey guys in this video I'm going to show

you how to put on a for Ocean bracelet

and specifically how to tie it on so it

stays on so just to tighten the bracelet

this is how it will come you can tighten

both sides there's this Center knot that

keeps friction on it so once you pull it

the rule of thumb it'll stay there then

just make a larger you just kind of pull

it out and so this is what I do to keep

my bracelet on I don't like umm I like

you my bracelets on for a few days at a

time one side you can put them on so

you're just gonna tighten it till you

have it at the length do you like you

want to kind of make sure is it just me

being picky but I like to make sure the

ends are equal and then we're going to

tie a little knot so take one side go

underneath the bracelet like so you take

the other side you do the same exact