How To Tie A Four Strand Footrope Knot

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hi everyone today we're going to have a

look at the four strand foot rope not

this one is good for finishing off any

of your four strand braids or in this

case I'm using it here at the end of

some four strand crowning anytime you

have for free ends that you want to tidy

up this is a good option so watch to the

end because this knot is well worth

learning to tie this one I just want to

start off by tying a crown lot and you

do that by taking each strand over its

adjacent strand right around the novel

so take each strand over and then the

last one I just want to tuck through the

initial loop we made

so that's your cran lot and I'm just

going to draw this together

I'm not going to tighten it up all the

way I'll just draw it together and now

the way we finish this off is we want to