How To Tie A Four Strand Crown And Diamond Knot

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hi everyone today I thought we'd go over

how to tie the crown and Diamond knot in

four strands they make these nice cube

shaped knots

I've been using them to finish off some

keychains I've been making they look

good in a single color and also in two

colors so follow along to the end

because I think these are very

attractive not so we'll start off with

our crown law and the way we tie that is

to take each strand over the Strand next

to it and then the last strand will go

down through first loop that we made so

that's our crown knot and I'm going to

draw this together but I'm not going to

tighten it all the way I just want to

leave a gap here at the top and then we

look at the side of the knot all you'll

see is there's two legs of this crown

coming up and then there's this strand