How To Tie The Buckaroo Square Knot

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so you're going to need a scarf and the

easiest way is to just fold it into a

nice triangle and you're going to put it

around your neck okay

I have two tails and now I'm going to

face that way so you can see how to do

it from your perspective so I've got my

two tails here I'm going to stick out my

first two fingers on my left hand and

wrap the right tail around them once

then I'm going to just grip that tail

between my pinky and my ring finger

reach under grab your left tail and kind

of pull it down then you're going to

wrap it around your first two fingers as

well and pinch it with your thumb so now

I look like this pinch it with your

thumb let go with your right hand and

reach up through this hole that goes

around your neck reach between there and

grab the tail that you were just