4 loop wire ribbon bow

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hello everyone welcome back to crafting

with jeaneen today I'm going to show you

how to make this really simple really

pretty wired ribbon bow that you could

put a clip on it and you could do the

same method with regular ribbon as well

these are more I like to use these more

for wreaths or Christmas tree

decorations but I had a request so I

figured I'd go ahead and show you guys

how to do that how I do this

like to do this so here we go so I'm

using inch and a half wired ribbon and

this one's kind of like it's got the the

mesh stuff you can use any type of wired

ribbon for this to get your loops to say

the same and what I am using is this

template that I made it is eight inches

wide this way and I like the way the

boat comes out with it and it actually

gets it so that my tails are somewhat